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Orassist was primarily developed as Oasis PHC’s contribution to bridging the research gap identified in Bayelsa State where we are located. Though not much cutting-edge research is done in the developing compared to the developed world, a huge gap exists between and within countries in the continent of Africa. In Nigeria, some states are disadvantaged partly because they are relatively young and are just building their academic/research institutions and also because of poor research resources.

Due to the deficiency in research capabilities, students and others interested in research, publications, and grant applications are severely limited or totally helpless. Many have to travel several kilometres and at great expense to get help.

Poor design/method is arguably the bane of most research efforts, and is the predominant reason why this part of the world has poor visibility globally and can only boast of a sprinkling of avant-garde research.

At Oasis Research, we do our best to give insightful guidance, critique, and review in the best possible and most methodologically rigorous way. We have been able to assemble topnotch researchers, research methodologists, and experts in different areas of biomedical and public health research who were trained in the best institutions in the world. We promise to set you on the path to having valid and reliable research results.

And for those who need help with grant application, you have opportunity to have your application reviewed by multiple grant holders, and you can rest assured of a good chance of success with your application ceteris paribus.

As the name goes, Orassist is an assistant and has the aim of guiding you through your research work without an intention of doing it for you. Our goal is to develop and encourage scientific writing. When you seek help, you will be connected to a suitably qualified helper who will guide you through and ensure you get solution to your request.

Service offerings

We believe that Orassist will give you a worthwhile experience and improve your research skills. Our goal is to develop and encourage good research and scientific writing.

You have written up a manuscript, especially for a high impact factor journal, and have done due diligence by adhering to the journal guidelines but still have some areas of confusion or you just want some fine-tuning to improve your chances of acceptance or fewer turnovers for edits. Orassist can help you.
You’ve just got a decision about a manuscript you submitted for publication or proposal submitted to your supervisor or an Institutional Review Board (IRB). Some of the comments are incomprehensible to you or you’re asked to do some new things and you’re at sea. Try Orassist!
So much hope, yet your manuscript has just been rejected! However, you believe in what you have done and sincerely feel it can be reworked and submitted afresh to another journal, Orassist is your ally!
You have collected data but need help with analysis to answer your research questions or objectives. You have your data collection tools (questionnaire, checklist…) with you and probably have even entered the data with a software package but are having problem analyzing the data, we have experts that can help you. Many researchers use faulty/inappropriate instruments to collect data or do so in a way that is impossible or difficult to answer their research questions or fulfill the objectives/aim of their research. So, if you’re just starting a new research, and are thinking of using Orassist, please get to us early. You need an analysis plan ab initio!
Student researchers often have to do a project in partial fulfillment of the award of a degree. Before data collection or field work, a proposal/protocol needs to be written, submitted and approved by the relevant authority. Poorly written proposal gets rejected until the authority is satisfied. This can cause a costly delay. Orassist can improve your chances of one-time approval or fewer turnovers for edits. This is the best time to engage Orassist so that we can guide from study design to publication.

You need guidance, from the beginning to the end of the “proposal pipeline” or you’re stuck at a particular point in your work and you don’t know the way out. For instance, you have difficulties with specific aspect (s) of your proposal e.g.,

  • Formulation of appropriate research questions/objectives
  • Study design
  • Sample size determination
  • Sampling technique.

Writing is an art and a skill which takes time to master. You have done everything and you’re having difficulty in writing up your work or are experiencing writer’s block, Orassist WILL NOT write it for you, but will guide you through the process.

Inadequate resources, particularly money, is a major barrier to conducting quality or innovative research in this environment. Funding opportunities come from time to time but such grants are highly competitive and only the best proposals get funded. We have researchers that have managed grants before or are currently funded in their research. Even though there is no perfect assurance, their expertise and experience can improve your chance of winning.

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