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We provide very innovative solutions to the public health care system.

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Oasis Public Health Consulting Ltd (Oasis PHC) is a private limited liability company established to provide credible services to governments, non-governmental bodies, corporate organizations, faith based organizations, communities, and individuals in their quest to attain health for the people they serve and themselves. Incorporated in Nigeria in 2015 (RC 1294261).
Oasis PHC aims to be a reliable partner in the conduct of research, a desirable ally in the training of manpower for health, and a dependable provider of promotive and preventive health services. We pride ourselves on having a blend of locally and internationally trained experts with many years of experience who can address any public health challenge. We are passionately interested in working with those who wish to reach underserved populations that lack financial and geographic access to quality health care services. And in all our services, we deploy information and communications technology as best as can be applied in health care delivery.

In A Nutshell

What you should know

We help foundations, governments, organizations and healthcare companies address urgent healthcare challenges and crises, prioritizing access to equitable, sustainable, and high quality healthcare for the general public.

  • Government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
  • Corporate organizations (who see health investment as part of their corporate social responsibilities).
  • Faith based organizations.
  • Philanthropists/public-spirited individuals who wish to invest in population health.
  • Students and health professionals involved in research.
  • Individuals who regard health as wealth.
To conduct and support the conduct of cutting edge research using innovative approaches; provide quality training leading to the production of excellent health personnel; give technical support to projects and programmes; and provide services aimed at improving public health.

To be a leading provider of evidence-based solutions to health challenges that limit people’s attainment of their highest potential and well-being.

Oasis PHC

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We provide personalized specialist consultation in the areas of health promotion, prevention, and treatment of gynaecological disorders.