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Many health challenges have persisted over the years and seem intractable. Many of these challenges require new thinking and approaches that may be unconventional and quite innovative. Such can only result from thorough scientific enquiries undertaken by experts seasoned in the science and art of research. We partner with governments and non-governmental organizations to lead implementation/operations research, health systems research, and research in infectious and non-infectious diseases.


We employ modern and proven training techniques to deliver high-impact trainings covering various aspects of disease control and health care delivery. Our philosophy is to ensure optimal return on investment – that our clients get maximum benefits from the training experience – and to this end we use the most appropriate evaluation model to optimize our trainings. You just tell us your training need and we fix the rest! Give us a staff in need and we return to you an otherworldly team! Our areas of training include:

  • Data management – collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of quality assured health information.
  • Use of statistical soft wares for data analysis e.g., SPSS, Epi Info, and Stata.
  • Strategies to control diseases and other health-related events.
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of public health projects and programmes.


We provide services touching on various areas of public health – all aimed at improving population coverage with quality health services. Our package includes:

  • Data analysis.
  • Technical support to individuals, faith based organizations, government and non-governmental bodies to:
  • Conduct medical outreach programmes/medical missions
  • Deliver health goods and services
  • Technical assistance for writing of research proposal, grant application, project report and publication of report and research findings.
  • Design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public health projects and programmes.
  • Technical support for trainings – design of training modules, recruitment of trainers, and evaluation of trainings.
  • Health promotion and disease prevention including counselling; targeted/mass screening for communicable and non-communicable diseases including cancers
  • Well persons’ clinic – programmed health checks including domiciliary services.

Outreach programmes/medical missions

Many well-meaning individuals or organizations desire to help others to live well but do not know how to go about this to maximize their return on investment. We will help you to shape your good intentions and work out the most cost-effective strategies given the available resources. We are poised to partner with other organizations especially international organizations who are interested in medical missions, bringing to the partnership our incisive knowledge of the local settings. Our aim is to ensure that the outreach/mission is not a one-off event that often disrupts the health dynamics of the benefitting community or population but to deliver a package whose gains will remain ad infinitum and strengthen the existing health system in the area.

  • Government, agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Corporate organizations (who see health investment as part of their corporate social responsibilities)
  • Faith based organizations
  • Philanthropists/public-spirited individuals who wish to invest in population health
  • Students and health professionals involved in research
  • Individuals who regard health as wealth